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Goodie List

This is a list of APIs that we recommend and that you really would want to try out for your own services ansd mashups.

Dappit is a prime example of what Andy Grove of Intel fame called "a x10 factor". They let you choose one ore more different web pages, pick visually, DOM inspector style, which elements you want to make a "dapp" out of. Then you can present the scrubbed information as HTML, XML, RSS, or whatnot, and they will even proxy/host the "dapp" for you. Insane!!! We're not affiliated or anything (but we would like to be. Hey! Guys! Are you reading this? :).

Streamload are also very innovative. The let you store 25GB free, gmail-like, and manage up/download of data as well as file conversion and some more wild stuff through REST or Web Services. They also have anon-free (though not very pricey) API for running processes on their machines.

Typekey is a free user authentication management solution which you can use to create, manage and authenticate you users, even get MD5 hashes from. A good generic alternative to the same but domain-bound services from yahoo and google

Yahoo Search APIs is on this list because they have good documentation and easy-to-grok examples. They provide search on Web (doh!), Images, Video (including YouTube), Music and some other things. We sort of just browsed through their examples and had something up and running within 30 min. Silly name, but great people :)

MAYA's Java Dataflow Acrhitecture (JDA). I am unable to overstate the importance of this breakthrough! It's insane! These guys have had the same kind of ideas I have had (Connecting discrete components in a workflow-style using the Web as an API). The big difference is that they did it right. Kudos. Check them out.

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